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Vote Larry Pack for West Virginia Treasurer on May 14th, 2024!

Vote Larry Pack for West Virginia Treasurer on May 14th, 2024!

Meet Larry Pack

A lifelong West Virginian, Lawrence (Larry) Pack was born and raised in the Kanawha Valley. Upon graduation from the West Virginia Institute of Technology, Larry quickly passed the CPA exam and began practicing public accounting. He has been a successful business entrepreneur for decades and is passionate about job creation, economic growth and elderly care across his home state. He was a founding member and CEO of Stonerise Healthcare LLC from 2009 to 2022. In 2020, Pack was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in District 56. Since August 2022, Pack has served as Senior Advisor to Governor Jim Justice.

Larry lives in Charleston with his wife, Lisa. They have been blessed with six children and three grandchildren. He is an active member of Bible Center Church.

Larry is currently the National Committeeman for the West Virginia Republican Party.  Over the years he has served on various boards, including the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center, West Virginia Health Right, West Virginia Healthcare Association and the West Virginia Alzheimer’s Association.


Defeat ESG & ‘Woke Investing’

I believe it is important to keep up the fight against liberal ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) investment strategies that cause our state to lose money, reduces pensions and hurts our job market and economy. Big Wall Street millionaires try to use our state’s money to advance liberal causes when choosing what kinds of companies they invest our money in. They put the interests of liberal elites over the interests of our working families. As your State Treasurer, I will win the fight against these liberal New York millionaires.

Improve Financial Literacy & Education Across Mountain State

We need to do a better job educating West Virginia youth about finances, household budgets, retirement, and other basic tools needed in everyday life. Middle and High School students in West Virginia should learn these basic financial principles to help better prepare them for the work force and life. I believe expanding financial management education programs is as important as learning to reading, writing and arithmetic. As your State Treasurer, I will oppose liberal efforts to use our schools to indoctrinate our children with woke, useless curriculum and replace it with sound skills they need to live better lives.

Stronger Financial Outcomes for West Virginia Families

A core part of the American Dream is being able to retire comfortably after years and years of hard work. Retirees in West Virginia shouldn’t have to choose between buying medicines and buying groceries. If you work hard and invest in a retirement or pension account, you should be able to live your golden years the way you want. As Treasurer, I will work every single day to protect the public pension system and your retirement accounts. This means working with the West Virginia Legislature to ensure your money is invested wisely and responsibly. Our state government should live within its means. We should not spend more money than we have, we should not spend our money on wasteful, bloated government programs that have failed our state for years, and if we bring in more money than we need, that money should be returned to the hardworking taxpayers of this state who pay our bills. Our state needs to have a strong economy and job market. One of the best ways to improve the economy and create jobs is to make sure our government’s financial house is in order. As treasurer, I will make sure it is.

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